IT Division

To meet the goals and objectives of the Kiribati Development plans and to uphold the mission and vision of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, IT Division is committed to deliver and provide IT services that drives innovation, to provide its staff and customers with an integrated, secured, and advanced technology infrastructure that is broadly-accessible to users.

Service Offered

  1. Foreign Affairs
    1. Open Document Management
    2. Workflow Management System
    3. Asia-Pacific and Multilateral Web Database
  2. Immigration
    1. Immigration Web Database
    2. Passport System
    3. Online Teleconferencing (e-Meeting)
  3. Upcoming Systems
    1. BSMS (Boarder Security Management System) for Immigration
    2. Virtual Diplomacy system
  1. Disseminate job and scholarship opportunities on Official website and Facebook Page. 
  2. Provide update news of relationship deals and happenings with our Diplomatic partner.
  1. WIFi connection
  2. Virtual Private Network
  3. Network Security
    1. Untangle Firewall Security Service
    2. pfSense Firewall Internet Access Management
  1. ATHKL mobile phones services
  2. Audio conferencing – conference call setup and support
  3. ATHKL PABX telephony services
  1. IT Support
    1. Desktop/laptop maintenance
    2. Network maintenance 
    3. Hardware faulty support 
    4. Office Software’s support
  2. PC/Desktop Support
    1. Repairing
    2. Upgrading
    3. Maintenance