“Te bubuti nakoia aomata ake a tuai anai aia Passport man aobitin te Immigration, Kam a kauringaki ikai ba kam a riai n anai ami Passport n aobitin te Immigration. Ao nakoimi ake kam mena I tinanikun Kiribati kam a butiaki bwa kam a kaumakia ami koraki iaon Tarawa bwa ana anai ami Passport ao n tabena kanakoana nakoimi. Ae tina manga bon katokai araia ake iai ngkai aia passport n tiku inanon bain te Immigration Office. Kam rabwa”


Immigration Division is an agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that contributes to National Security in managing and securing Kiribati’s border by processing and analyzing movement of people in and out of Kiribati. The main services includes; Visas and Permit issuance, monitoring of aliens and Passport Issuance.

The Division executes its duties through national cooperation with other law enforcement agencies in the country to deliver an effective service to all valuable customers and to ensure compliance to Immigration and related laws to protect the citizens of Kiribati. Immigration also contributes to economic growth, good governance and promotes cooperation in the pacific region and at the international level.