Immigration Division is an agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that contributes to National Security in managing and securing Kiribati’s border by processing and analyzing movement of people in and out of Kiribati. The main services includes; Visas and Permit issuance, monitoring of aliens and Passport Issuance.

The Division executes its duties through national cooperation with other law enforcement agencies in the country to deliver an effective service to all valuable customers and to ensure compliance to Immigration and related laws to protect the citizens of Kiribati. Immigration also contributes to economic growth, good governance and promotes cooperation in the pacific region and at the international level.


Application forms for Child

New Passport Validity and Fees

1. Kiribati citizens living in Kiribati should contact Immigration Office, Bairiki Tarawa, telephone 75021342 or 75021368 and must apply in person.

2. Kiribati citizens living in the Line Islands should apply for their passports at the Immigration branch office, London Kiritimati in person

3. Kiribati citizens living outside Kiribati may download application form, complete the form and send it over with all required documents to their relatives in Tarawa through email or express mail and Immigration will work on that through your relatives, especially with payment and document verification.

4. The Kiribati High Commission in Suva also accepts application forms and process payments as well for I-Kiribati living in Fiji or nearby countries.

Passport Renewal/Extension

If your passport will expire soon you might need to renew it before travelling.

You must check the entry requirements of the countries you are visiting before booking travel because there are countries like most EU countries need at least 6 months left on your passport prior entering.

How to renew passport?

You must bring your old passport which is expiring, current photo and signature, and proof of payment (receipt). Passport fees depend on the duration of passport processing.

Loss or Stolen Passport

By law, you must report the loss or theft of your passport to the Police and Immigration office as soon as possible. This will help prevent criminal misuse of the document and protect your identity.

Your passport will be immediately and permanently cancelled. It cannot be reinstated and must not be used for travel should you find it later.

The penalty fee of $100 is applicable for lost/damaged passport.

How to report a loss or theft Passports

In Kiribati

If your passport is lost, you can report a loss or theft by going to the Police Station where you suspect your passport is being lost or theft at.


If overseas, you should also report the incident to the police and ensure that you obtain a copy of the police report and send over to the Immigration Office Headquarter.

Checklist for Lost/Stolen Passport

  • 1 passport photo (current)
  • Police report
  • Signature
  • Proof of payment (receipts) (a)Penalty fee of $100. (b)Passport fee.

 Checklist for Damaged Passport

  • Damaged passport if valid
  • 1 passport photo
  • Signature
  • Proof of payment (receipts). (a)Penalty fee of $100  (b)Passport fee


The validity of a Kiribati Passport is now 10 years. Passport fees are payable prior lodging your application.

List of Passport Fees.                                                                          










Urgent processing




Priority processing




Priority processing




Normal Processing









Urgent processing




Priority processing




Normal processing




All above fees are inclusive of VAT.

Visa, according to Kiribati Immigration laws is defined as an entry permit for guests traveling to Kiribati and their travel document is not listed in our visa exemption order.

  • There are 2 types of visas; i) single entry visa ii) multiple entry visa.

  • The cost of a single entry visa is $40.00AUD and a multiple entry visas is $80.00AUD.

  • A single entry visa will expire once entry is made and multiple entry visas will allow you to re-enter within a period of 12 months from the date of issue. No entry allowed on that multiple-entry visas after 12 months.

These documents are required for visa application;

  1.  Duly completed visa application form and Checklist

  2. Copy of ticket (e-ticket) or itinerary

  3. Passport bio-data page showing validity of passport at least 6 months on entry date.

  4. Any other documents that may be required by a visa or consular officer assisting you

  5. Receipt or Evidence of Payment

(go to Immigration download to see the nearest place for you to apply, how to submit documents and how to make payments)You may contact Visa Officer for inquiries via this email

Important reminder; Visa will be issued if the reason of entry is;

i) Transit, holiday, tourism, meeting/conference/workshop/ seminar. Other reasons of entry should be covered under the permit to enter and reside.

ii) Passports exempted in the exemption order wishing to enter for a purpose other than listed in

above should apply for a different permit prior travelling to Kiribati.

Please refer to the HEALTH ADVISORY provided in the link below for requirements to travel to Kiribati due to the CORONAVIRUS outbreak.
It is now part of the VISA checklist prior entry esp for our visitors from China if visa is approved but as for now, all visa applications from China should be on hold. 
Please use the contact details provided in the Travel Advisory if you require further information/clarification. 
Please click this link for more information HEALTH ADVISORY

2.1 A permit to Enter and Reside (Download form) is issued for the purpose of work, business, reside, study, research or filming, investment, conducting training, supervision and other related purposes. A PERMIT SHOULD BE OBTAINED PRIOR ENTRY or HEAVY PENEALTY WILL BE IMPOSED.

2.2 Download checklist varies according to purpose of application

2.3 Please contact the Immigration Division on telephone number (686) 75021342 or (686) 75021368 for the checklist. Immigration Officer responsible will guide you through email communication.

4.1. Vessels should enter Kiribati at i) London Port, Kiritimati Island, ii)Betio Port, Tarawa Island and iii)Tabuaeran Port, Fanning Island for both inward clearance and outward clearance.

4.2. As per border standard, a Master of a Vessel should provide usual documents for Immigration, Customs, Biosecurity, Fisheries (if it is a fishing vessel), Environment, Police and other law enforcement agency when required. All foreigners on board should have a passport with at least 6 months validity when entry is made. Heavy penalty awaits you if you fail to comply with the requirements. All passengers who require visa should apply before entry, visa will be issued upon arrival.

4.3. Vessels visiting other islands in Kiribati after inward clearance in the ports in 4.1 shall by law come back to one of the ports in 4.1 for outward clearance. Only for emergency reasons, a vessel may enter and anchor at any islands in Kiribati on the way in or on the way out but must not set foot ashore, unless when medical attention is required.

5.1 Foreigners found with no visa, no proper work permit as in 2.1 above will be detained at a nearest accommodation (motel,hotel,guesthouse) at the cost of individual passenger, the agent, or the employer.

5.2 Those who cannot afford an accommodation will be detained in a State Prison Facility until next departure because there is no Immigration detention facility.

5.3 Foreigners overstaying their permit are easily located and will be dealt with accordingly under Immigration laws and will be remanded at a State Prison awaiting deportation.

5.4 Foreigners found breaking any of the Kiribati laws by having in their possession, illegal drugs, plants, food products, goods, chemical, biological, weapons, undeclared money in cash or other legal notes that is 5,000 AUD or more or any other forms of transnational criminal activities are also easily detected and will be remanded at a State Prison awaiting court decision. It could take months before a sentence is issued by the Kiribati Court of Law.