Role and Functions of MFAI

  • Upholding, promoting and protecting Kiribati’s sovereignty, territory integrity and interests
  • Monitoring and analyzing developments in the international arena
  • Developing and advising the government on foreign policy options
  • Communicating the government’s foreign policy position
  • Assisting other ministries and agencies in their international dealings
  • Assisting I-Kiribati citizens abroad

Strategic Issues and Challenges

  1. Protection of Kiribati’s sovereignty and territory integrity
  2. The accelerated pace of globalization in a constant changing international environment
  3. Security at the national, regional and global levels
  4. Global issues such as the environment, climate change, human right, health, terrorism, transnational crime, food security, energy security and humanitarian crisis
  5. Coordination among Kiribati government agencies and the need to project a coherent, effective, and unified national position at home and abroad
  6. Increase demand for consular services due to the increase number of I-Kiribati living, travelling and working abroad
  7. Natural and man-made disasters as well as intra-state and inter-state conflicts affecting the safety of I-Kiribati and I-Kiribati interests abroad
  8. Securing, mobilizing and optimizing sufficient financial and human resources